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Are you looking for a stag do Bristol or hen do Bristol? This city in the Southwest of England has almost half a million inhabitants. The city is the number sixth most populous city in our beautiful England. Did you know that Bristol is the largest centre of culture, employment and education? In the centre of the city was the Port of Bristol, which has been moved out of the centre in the 20th century. If you are looking for a sportive part in your hen do or stag do Bristol you might want to go to the Rugby or football team. What about a game between the rivals Bristol Rovers and Bristol city? As we said earlier, the city is a large centre for culture. It is famous for its music and film industries. In 2008 it lost the title European Capital of Culture over Liverpool. Maybe you can use music, film or culture in your hen do Bristol. You can also visit The Bristol Old Vic during your hen do or stag do Bristol, a theatre company founded in 1946. Or go to the Theatre Royal, one of the oldest continuously operating theatre in England. For a stag do Bristol (or hen do) full of music you can also visit Bristol. The city has many live music avenues which made the city in 2010 the most musical city in the United Kingdom. Colston Hall is the largest music avenue in Bristol and has about 2000 seats. If you are a fan of architecture, you can go to one of the many Grand 1 listed buildings in the city. All of the buildings have a large variety of architectural styles, from the medieval style to the style of the 21th century. We wish you a nice and special stag do Bristol or hen do Bristol.

Teambuilding Bristol

The weddinggame Hen do mobile game Bristol
incl. VAT from
£25 p.p.

The weddinggame Hen do mobile game Bristol

This mobile game starts off with very stressfull situation.  The wedding is about to start, but the day starts to fall apart. The cooks were not paid, nor were the driver and the photographer. The rings are lost. And the dress... . Well it´s still at the dry-cleaner´s. Time for you and your friends to fix things before the wedding will completely fall apart. During this funny mobile game in Bristol you will go around the city centre doing assignements and answering interesting questions. Would you like additional information? Please fill out the form (without obligations). 

Maryoke Stag do Bristol
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£49 p.p.

Maryoke Stag do Bristol

It is always smart to be on the good side of the bride to be. That will definately make the preparation of future activities go much smoother. But how do you all get on the good side? That´s easy! Here is a way to score some valuable extra points. Make a special video dedication in order to honour the bride to be and she will love you for doing so. Just think of the faces of the parents in law as the watch this mindblowing tribute. Don´t worry about the funfactor. That will be taken care off. Do you want more information about this hen do activity in Bristol or region? Fill in the form below, without further obligations, and you will receive more information.

Maryoke Hen do Bristol
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£49 p.p.

Maryoke Hen do Bristol

Let´s go completely crazy dancing on your favorite musicvideo during this hen do. Afterwards you can show the result to all the visitors of the wedding. Do you want to impress the groom. Than think of an original video to honour him with all the ladies. You can even create a real movie script. The possibilities are truely unlimmited. Together with a professional filmproducer you will make the result mindblowing. But don´t worry, it´s not only about the result. This day will surely be filled with laughter and hapiness. Do you want more information about this hen do activity in Bristol or region? Fill in the form below, without further obligations, and you will receive more information.

Cocktail workshop with tapas meal stag or hen do Bristol
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£37,95 p.p.

Cocktail workshop with tapas meal stag or hen do Bristol

Do you and your fellow group members got a lot of latin spirit inside? Do you prefer a perfectly made cocktail when you are out clubbing? And when you´re out for dinner with friends do you prefer the happy flavors and the variety of choices that the Spanish tapas cuisine is offering you? Well, in that case, lucky you! This stag or hen do activity combines both a masterclass in cocktail making and a tasty tapas menu. It´s time to enjoy this Latin mini-holiday. Do you want more information about this stag or hen do activity in Bristol or region? Fill in the form below, without further obligations, and you will receive more information.

Sherlock murder mystery mobile game Hen or Stag do Bristol
incl. VAT from
£25 p.p.

Sherlock murder mystery mobile game Hen or Stag do Bristol

The main question is offcourse: who killed the victim. The the assassin has fled has fled the scene. There is a lot of commotion out in the streets. The police can´t find any traces that can be used to explain this horrific scenery. But there you all are, ready to save the day. Like real detective heroes you will search the city centre for clues in order to reconstruct all events. Will you all be able to determine what happened as well as who committed the crime? Are you up for an epic murder mystery? Do you want more information regarding this hen or stag do in Bristol? Please fill out the form (without obligations). We wish you lots of fun.

The hangover Stag do mobile game Bristol
incl. VAT from
£25 p.p.

The hangover Stag do mobile game Bristol

You and your friends are suffering from a severe hangover. Did your pussycat transform into a tiger overnight? Are you covered in bruises and is there no logical explanation for the current state you are in?  Where did all that cash come from? Well my friends, it´s time to welcome you to the mobile hangover game. During this stag do game you will have carry out some pretty weird assignements while going through the centre of your city. Do you want more information regarding this stag do in Bristol? Please fill out the form (without obligations). We wish you lots of fun.

The Hunt City Game Hen or Stag do Bristol
incl. VAT from
£25 p.p.

The Hunt City Game Hen or Stag do Bristol

It´s now time to play with the big boys (or girls). You will play a mindblowing interactive mobile game in the centre of Bristol. In this game you will face rivalling gangs which you will have to outsmart together with you teammates. While being continuously on the run, you will have to earn all the money you can by collecting valuable artefacts and eliminating your opponents. Are you up for an exciting afternoon in the open air? Are you not afraid to face the enemy together with your friends? Do you want more information? Please fill out the form (without obligations). We wish you lots of fun.

incl. VAT from
£49 p.p.

Make your own movie hen or stag do Bristol

Do you sing under the shower? In the car or just the whole day long? Are you a real actor? Loving movies like the notebook with some drama, the gladiotor with lots of action or do you have another favorite? With this make your own movie stag or hen do activity Bristol, Keynsham, Bath or Weston-super-mare it is time to refresh your acting skills. With a movie producer you will make your own movie or clip. Are you the new Hugh Grant, Daniel Graig or Kate Winslet? Are you convinsed about this unforgettable activity? Ask for more information by filling out the form without obligations. We hope to see you at the Oscars.

incl. VAT from
£49 p.p.

Lipdub hen or stag do CITY

Do you remember the feeling of singing in the car while nobody is hearing your sound? Are you really good in playbacking? I gues you are! Now it is time to use this capability for making your own lipdub. You will combine lip synching with your favorite music video. Test if your group is good at teamwork. Did you know a lipdub is usually done in one single unedited shot? A lot of pleasure, laughter and some breaks will give you a great experience with this lipdub Bristol, Keynsham,  Chipping Sodbury or Weston-super-mare. More information? Please fill out the form (without obligations). We wish you lots of fun.

incl. VAT from
£30 p.p.

Cocktail Stag do

It's a well known fact throughout the world: ladies love cocktails. So the art of impressing the ladies, is in making unforgettable cocktails. During this cocktail workshop in this city, X,Z,Y etc. you will learn more about all aspects of cocktail making. Imagine the possibilities! Become the newborn babe magnet om every future birthdayparty (for the bachelors among you). Or suprise your newlywed wive by giving her a divine piece of pure cocktail art. Would you like to know more about the posibilities for organising a cocktail stag do in this city (or region)? Then please fill out the form below and you will receive all the necessary information (without obligations).

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Are you looking for a hen do Bristol or stag do Bristol in the surroundings? Between Bristol and Bath you will find Keynsham, also a town in the Southwest of England. If you want a stag do Keynsham full of culture, you can have a great time here. This former medieval market town has a lot of Roman remains which are worth a visit. If you want a different kind of hen do Somerdale or stag do, you can also visit Somerdale, which is opened in the mid thirties and is a famous chocolate factory. But of course this city also has great restaurants and bars for a big night out with your friends during your once-in-a-lifetime stag do or hen do Keynsham! Thirteen miles south of Bristol is the city of Bath. This city became a World Heritage site in the late eighties. A stag do Bath will mean visiting a lot of theatres, museums and other cultural things. With all of these sights the city has a lot of tourists visiting, approximately 4 million day visitors each year! A perfect stag do idea Bath (or hen do Bath) for a great day with a lot of tourism and culture. For a stag do that is a bit more intimate, you can go to the smaller city of Chipping Sodbury.  It is a market town with a little over 5000 inhabitants and perfect for a stag do idea Chipping Sodbury full of relaxing, eating and drinking. 18 miles Southwest of Bristol you will find the town and seaside resort of Weston-super-mare. With the use of local stone, the city still has his own character and beautiful buildings. We think you will enjoy a stag do Weston-super-mare with this culture and character!

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